Flipper takes the dynamic, active boaters to all new levels of enjoyment. The heritage of aesthetics and speed, nurtured by famous designers throughout the decades, is clearly present in every one of our models. Take it out for a leisurely cruise, head out for a longer trip or simply invite friends to spend a relaxed evening at the marina – Flipper provides an ideal setting to enjoy life in so many ways.

Flipper 600 SC
Everything you need and then some
A versatile mid-hull pulpit boat with a sturdy hull solution that makes both leisure cruising and a bit faster ride even more enjoyable. Flipper 600 SC planes in a continuous manner and operates reliably on a wide power range. A practical layout provides various opportunities to make the most of a long, hot summer.
Flipper 600 ST
Plenty of character and opportunities
Less is indeed more – Flipper 600 ST offers delightful boating experiences without dimensions or price tag going through the roof. This beauty still boasts plenty of features, while steady, smooth ride enables unique enjoyment. All areas have been designed according to pure Nordic standards – they are versatile, if not downright insightful.
Flipper 650 ST
Stylish and functional
Flipper 650 ST includes all the features of a traditional hardtop classic, refined with a modern twist. The boat suits extremely well for a wide variety of purposes, while longer family trips bring out the best in it. Flipper 650 ST offers several new, seamlessly functional spacing arrangements. Modern design puts a nice finishing touch to the sleek appearance.
Flipper 900 ST
The best in boating
Brace yourselves for fabulous opportunities to rest and relax. Flipper 900 ST takes even larger groups smoothly to cruises that won’t leave anyone cold – not even in typical Finnish summer weather. The boat is agile to manoeuvre, and its sporty nature comes alive already at the acceleration. Luxurious deck area, large windows and the roof that can be folded all the way down create a genuine feel of space.
Flipper 650 DC
More than meets the eye
Do not let the compact dimensions and low fuel consumption fool you – Flipper 650 DC is a full-blooded day cruiser to the bone, equipped with all the modern conveniences. A spacious design combined with excellent manoeuvrability and modern, Scandinavian structure offer just the right touches of character, style and sporty approach.
Flipper 700 DC
Driving pleasure at its purest
A perfect combination of Nordic style and performance – Flipper 700 DC knows how even bigger groups can enjoy boating. Whether it is about going out on a day cruise, on a weekend family getaway or just to the other shore for grocery shopping, there is no need to persuade anyone. The trip itself is greater experience than the actual arrival.
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